Who can use the app?

Anyone who lives in the NHS Forth Valley area is eligible to use the app and receive free condoms by post.

What postcodes are considered within the NHS Forth Valley area?

All postcodes starting with any of the following prefixes are considered within the NHS Forth Valley area:

How old must I be to use this app

You must be 16 or over. If you're under 16 you can access free condoms from your local sexual health service or school nurse.

What if I don't receive my condoms?

Please check your address is correct and amend it if not. Otherwise, please contact us below.

How can I report an issue with the app?

Thanks for taking the time to help us improve the app. To report an issue, please complete the form below and we'll be in touch.

Get in Touch

Need help using the app? You can get in touch via email at, or complete the form below.

Alternatively, you can mail us at:

NHS Forth Valley
Unit 2, Colquhoun Street,